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Using your own device

Non-urgent advice: Important

Before using your own device please ensure it is protected with a suitable password or PIN.

Download Citrix:

To access our network you’ll need to use Citrix, which can be installed by following one of the guides below:

Do you know your account details?

You’ll need your network (Windows) and NHSmail account details to complete the following process. If you need to confirm your username and/or password, please contact our Service Desk team on 01209 881717.

Using a CITS device

  1. Log on to the device – This will ensure your profile is downloaded and Trust policies are applied. If this isn’t done it could severely impact on our ability to connect you to the NHS network and can mean your mailbox takes a protracted length of time to download.
  2. Allow any updates to run – Updates protect our network from cyberattacks.  Usually they don’t take longer than 20 minutes to run unless the device has been quarantined – if they do please report the issue by calling 01209 881717.

At home:

  1. Connect the device to your home Wi-Fi network
  2. Log on to the device – Use your usual Windows log on details. Your device should behave as if it is on an NHS site.  Individual applications are available for download from Application Catalogue on your desktop if you don’t have everything you normally see.

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