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Welcome to Cornwall IT Services. Here you can find useful information and guides on getting you started as well as help for general office task, such as installing software or a printer.

The password format and design of some of the systems shown in the video has changed slightly.

Step-by-step guides

Password resets

Find out which systems have self-service reset options and those where we’ll need to speak to you directly.

System access and training

Find out how to arrange this whether you are a new starter, moving roles or have returned after a period of absence.

Install applications and printers

Find out how to install the applications and printers you need to use as part of your role.

Order new IT equipment

Find out how to order equipment for yourself or colleagues, please make sure you know your budget code.

Support for IT issues

Find out our service hours, how you can use our self-service portal and who are support partners are.

Register for Staff Wi-Fi

Register for access to the Staff Wi-Fi for internet access on your personal devices

Useful information

The guidance above is provided via our self-service portal, you’ll need to be signed on to a CITS device or be using Citrix to access it. If you are unable to access the self-service portal please call 01209 881717 to make your request.


We must adhere to Information Governance guidelines, therefore training in clinical applications must be completed before we can grant access. Our procedures protect the integrity of our systems and ultimately our patients.

Our Service Desk will always check you are who you say you are when you request a password reset and they have a duty to report any suspected breach of security (e.g. password sharing) to the IT Security Team for investigation.

Top 5 Cyber Security Guiding Principles

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